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NCE and Close Out

Closeout is an important part of the lifecycle of an award. Preparation for closeout should begin well in advance of the project end date to ensure accurate financial forecasting and expense allocations. This also allows time for PIs to determine if requesting a no-cost extension is appropriate. Below you will find information on no-cost extensions and award close-out processes and responsibilities. 

Requesting a No Cost Extension

(Federal, Industry, Foundation)

A no-cost extension extends the project period beyond the original project end date with no additional funding. A no-cost extension may be requested when:

  • The end of the project period is approaching, AND
  • There is a programmatic need to continue the research, AND
  • There are funds remaining to cover the extended effort

NCE doesn't have to be for a full 12 months, the requested NCE period should reflect the needs of the project.

Close Out

Award closeout is the final reconciliation of the expenses and activities of a project. This includes reviewing project expenses and resolving open commitments, collecting documents from sub-recipients and contractors, and preparing required final reports and deliverables. It marks the end of the agreement between the sponsor and recipient OU. It is up to the PI to understand sponsor closeout requirements and timelines outlined in the award/contract terms and conditions.

PI Responsibilities:
  • Ensure Scope of Work is completed
  • Comply with timelines for public access and clinicaltrials.gov reporting
  • Finalize expenditures within funding limitations/approve final financial reports
  • Collect/submit final invoices from subcontracts and contractors
  • Ensure all manual invoices have been submitted to sponsor (industry sponsored)
  • Complete effort certifications
  • Prepare and submit technical reports/final RPPRs
  • Reallocate personnel
  • Prepare invention statement 
SPRA Responsibilities:
  • Review all project spending, notify PIs of overages or other outstanding issues
  • Complete and submit final financial reports to sponsor
  • Submit invention statement to the sponsor
  • Ensure the sponsor has been properly billed and revenue collected (other sponsored projects)
  • Close accounts/activities
  • Close open commitments
  • Trailing charges should post within 30 days of the end date
Sponsors often require the following during closeout:

Failure to submit closeout documents by the sponsor deadline can impact the collection of funds for the current project and receipt of future funding.

  • Financial Reports/Invoices
  • Scientific/Technical Reports
  • Milestone Deliverables
  • Invention Statements


How should I budget during an NCE? For the remaining amount or the total project costs during the NCE period?

You should budget for the projected costs to complete the project during the NCE period.

Is there an effort requirement for PIs/Key Personnel during the NCE period?

Per the National Institute of Health, prior approval is not required for reductions in effort for senior/key personnel named in the NOA during a no-cost extension period. Exceptions to this include training awards and where specifically noted in funding terms and conditions.